Get Noticed, Get Hired

Has anyone seen a Granny Smith aple around?

Has anyone seen a Granny Smith apple around?

Saying that the job market has changed is an understatement.  Everyday we talk to people who have come up short using the tried and true methods of ten years ago.  Meanwhile success stories continue to emerge about people tweeting their way to their dream job or being discovered on their blog.  Now of course this won’t be everyone’s experience, but there is a reason why this is becoming a growing phenomenon.  These people have figured out that the people who get noticed are the ones who get hired.

Of course, there are lots of ways to get noticed and not all of them will land you a job.  Some of them may land you somewhere else.  But that is not what we are working toward.  So we are going to talk about how to get noticed in the ways that provide positive results and why it’s your job to make yourself known.

Let’s look at the picture of the apples above for example.  You see very clearly that in that whole pile there is only one Granny Smith apple.  Why?  Because it is at the top.  Now imagine if that same Granny Smith was at the bottom of the pile where it could not be seen.  If you were that apple, is that where you would want to be?  Our point exactly.  There are so many people on the job market that have exactly what employers are looking for, but they are hidden.  They are buried beneath so many other applicants, that the recruiters and hiring managers are looking right past them.

Did you know that a poll was taken on the biggest frustration of job seekers and it wasn’t that their weren’t enough jobs?  It was the lack of response they get from employers.  They aren’t getting noticed and it is disappointing.  However, you have to imagine that if there are hundreds of people applying for the same job, it can be very easy to get lost in the crowd if your application looks just like everyone else’s.

So if you want to stand out in this job market you are going to have to learn to:

  • See yourself through the eyes of a hiring manager
  • Overcome limiting beliefs that keep you invisible
  • Integrate your online and real world presence for maximum exposure
  • Add value to those following, friending, or visiting your profile
  • Build a whole person image of what you have to offer

Of course we can’t go over all of these points in one blog posting, so we are offering a free webinar entitled, Get Noticed Get Hired: Presenting Yourself In a Transparent Job Market. In it, we are going to offer information on all of the topics above and explain the philosophy of why making yourself visible helps you begin working with your potential employers before a job is even posted.

As recruiters, we see both sides of the fence very clearly.  Our job is to make it easier for good people and good companies to find each other.  So keep visiting our blog to learn more about how that is done and join us on this and other webinars.  We look forward to your participation.


3 Responses to “Get Noticed, Get Hired”

  1. Excellent advice, making yourself “known” is imperative in this job market. But tempering that with wisdom is advised. “Personal Branding” via blogging, professional websites, contributions on networking sites, etc., is helpful. What is not helpful is combining your professional with your personal, as some do on Facebook and MySpace. Prospective employers check whatever you’ve posted in the public domain–make sure it’s professional–or you could lose the opportunity to land an interview or get the job offer.

    • Judy, that is exactly what we want to cover in our webinar. Thanks for your comments. It’s a real contribution to this subject. Keep them coming. Sharing this information with job seekers is part of the Recovery Plan.

  2. […] LARA, there can be an increased likelihood of miscommunications.  As a job seeker trying to get noticed and get hired, it usually falls on you to reposition the conversation so that your interviewer sees beyond the […]

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