Putting Yourself Out There

In our recent webinar, Top of the Stack Resumes, our presenter discussed the personal branding concept of You, Inc.  Essentially this concept drives home the point that we live in a world where people and businesses communicate through marketing.  For centuries people sought freedom of choice–the more choice they had the freer they felt.  But now, we have crossed over into a world where too many choices has caused a type of paralysis.  Today what we want is a way to narrow down all of the choices.  This is where You, Inc. comes in.

There is a new expectation being set where in many cases, companies and hiring managers are asking the candidates to make it hard for them to say “no”.  That’s right!  They want to hire you because once they do, a load is lifted from their shoulders–at least for a little while.  All they ask of you is to give them enough information so that they can feel like they made the right decision.  They want to know who you are on the inside and out with no surprises.  You just have to put yourself out there in a manner that speaks to their needs.

The great thing about the digital age is that there are numerous avenues in order to express what it is that you have to offer.  If you have a lot to say on a subject you can blog.  If you just want to share a thought or an interesting article, you can Tweet on Twitter.  If you create an awesome presentation that you think can benefit your audience and others, there’s Slideshare or Scribd.  With Facebook and Linkedin you can create a repository of all of your different access point that paints a picture of who you are and what you have to offer.  This is a good time to get known if that is what you want.

Naturally, the thought of broadcasting yourself on any or all of the above can seem daunting–especially when these are just the tip of the iceberg of existing and emerging social platforms.  But to put it in perspective, just consider what it is like to go shopping these days.  Must of us won’t even go to the store until after we go on-line to check out what others are saying about the product we are interested it.  We look at reviews before seeing a movie, and we check out what people are saying about a destination before we book a plane ticket.  Googling is so normal that it is now considered a verb and whole cultures are emerging around social media platforms.

Of course there can be the argument that people are not products and should not have to put themselves on display. But, when it has become a social norm in decision making, it is difficult to dispute when hiring managers apply it to candidate selection.  Therefore, in most cases, it ends up falling on the one looking to be found to be the facilitator by creating a profile that invites vistors in.

Fortunately there are plenty of people, presentations, and articles articles out there to coach you through this if you need it. You can even tap us on the shoulder at @CareerAssist if you find yourself on Twitter and we’ll give you a hand. Once you jump in the pool, we’re sure you’ll see that you won’t go over the deep end.


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