Diversity at 50,000 Feet – A Twitterview

Thanks to Twitter I had the opportunity to chat with Eric Peterson, Manager of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). For those of you who may be hesitant to join social networks like Twitter, this is a perfect example of how you are denying yourself the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with people that you may not have otherwise engaged. 

I happened to catch Mr. Peterson while he was on his way to give a talk at The Alliance for Full Acceptance (AFFA).  Below is our entire tweet stream on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion.  This is a topic of present and future importance for anyone in the business world and therefore an important topic for all recruiters and job seekers.

CareerAssist: RT @EPetersonSHRM: Diversity & Inclusion is a top priority all over the globe: http://is.gd/1rqCF (via @diversitywriter) #SHRM,members only

CareerAssist: @EPetersonSHRM Any ideas to share on why many companies can’t go beyond awareness when it comes to Diversity–falling short of application?

EPetersonSHRM: @CareerAssist In 140 characters or less? At 50,000 ft., awareness is all they know. The bridge between theory and application is wide …

EPetersonSHRM: @CareerAssist … and while thought leadership is there, it’s not being disseminated well (one thing SHRM hopes to contribute meaningfully).

CareerAssist: @EPetersonSHRM Unofficial Twitterview. Read SHRM #Diversity article yesterday. Suggests top down dissemination. Where do you see the blocks?

EPetersonSHRM: @CareerAssist Those at the “top” and at the “bottom” of orgs have compelling (but different) incentives to embrace D&I …

EPetersonSHRM: @CareerAssist … but often, those in the middle are not incentivized (or rewarded) for managing diversity well. Rewards are key.

CareerAssist: @EPetersonSHRM Are these rewards for embracing D&I all tangible? Your thoughts on identifying middle tier influentials and coaching them?

EPetersonSHRM: @CareerAssist They can’t be all intangible – at a high lvl, D&I mgmt has 2 b an integral part of the job description, and managed as such.

CareerAssist: @EPetersonSHRM How do you get around resistance to change and prescribed cultural shift when most ppl equate their culture with “rightness”?

EPetersonSHRM: @CareerAssist Simultaneously push the values case and business case for diversity – and at some pt., zero-tolerance for those who won’t play

EPetersonSHRM: @CareerAssist You can make a strong values case for multiculturalism without attacking the dominant culture …

EPetersonSHRM: @CareerAssist … and strong communication about the biz drivers will help those who find it all too “squishy” for them.

EPetersonSHRM: @CareerAssist And if someone refuses to get on the train after some period of time, the org is – frankly – better off w/out them.

EPetersonSHRM: @CareerAssist And, if they are assessed each year on their D&I performance & found lacking, mechanisms can be put in place to correct that.

CareerAssist: @EPetersonSHRM I’d say that success depends on having an “affiliation culture” versus an “assimilation culture”. Would you agree? #Diversity

EPetersonSHRM: @CareerAssist Yes, absolutely – but getting ppl to understand those terms can be a challenge sometimes. Assimilation is often ingrained.

DM to EPetersonSHRM Thanks for sharing your insight. Is it alright if I put our tweets on one of our blogs?

DM from EPetersonSHRM Sure! That’d be great!

Thanks to Mr. Peterson for taking the time to Tweet with us and  we hope to see more of you in the Twittosphere.


One Response to “Diversity at 50,000 Feet – A Twitterview”

  1. Thanks for the conversation! I’m always happy to talk shop, and agree that the Twitterverse is an amazing marketplace of ideas!

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