Top Of The Stack Resumes

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but in the case of your resume, you are giving the reader permission to do just that.  Consider for a moment that for any given position, there could be tens or even hundreds of resumes for a recruiter or hiring authority to look through.  Faced with these numbers, a person with a hunter’s nature will surrender to instinct and begin the process of elimination. And what are most recruiters, if they’re not hunters?

Imagine you’re a lion or lioness in the wild seeking food for your family.  You just snuck up on forty or so gazelles.  You know that there’s no way you’re getting more than one, so what do you do?  Doesn’t it makes sense to focus on the one you think will best suit your needs?  And of course your only way of judging initially will be to look at the appearance of the gazelle.  Sure, there is always the chance that looks can be deceiving–as they often are–but for the hunter with limited time to strike, that is a chance he or she will have to take.

It is this instinct that comes into play when narrowing down candidates for a particular position.  It’s not personal, it’s natural.  And as a result, your resume is subject to some or all of the following statistics:

  • 10-200 resumes are generated per want-ad
  • 80% of candidates are screened solely with the resume
  • 1 in 245 resumes result in an interview
  • 3 seconds make-or-break a positive 1st impression
  • 10-30 seconds are spent to review 1 resume
  • Less than 1% of the managers keep or respond to unsolicited resumes

Fortunately, as “the hunted” in the case of your job search, your goals differ from the gazelle’s.  You want to be caught and it is in your power to increase the odds in your favor.  That’s why JCSI is offering a free resume webinar, Top of the Stack Resumes: 5 Ways to Break Through a Noisy Job Market.

It’s no secret that we are living in a marketing world. So if your talents and skills are the product you are “selling” to your potential customers (employers), you should consider your resume as the packaging.  This webinar is filled with concrete advice and examples from resume expert, Chris Farmer of Resumes for Results.  She will take you through the ins and outs of a well crafted targeted resume that will set the tone for your personal brand.

Join us Wednesday July 8, 2009 from 10 – 11AM and get an across the table look at what companies expect to see in a candidate’s resume.  Take this opportunity to learn what it takes to make yourself more visible to prospective employers and get to the top of the stack.


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