Making Every Interview A Success (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series we established that the first step to interview success is engaging the interviewer(s)–getting out of your head and being present in order for their to be a true information exchange.  If you can do that, then the next step will be a piece of cake.  All it will take is a little more commitment on your part.

While there will always be certain elements that are beyond your control, your attitude is always ultimately in your hands.  So before you go into the interview, decide that you are going to come out of the interview better off than when you went in.  Now, how you define “better off” is up to you.  If you see beyond “winning” the role, you will find that there are many other opportunities to gain from the interview process.  Here are just a few:

  1. A second interview – Although this sounds obvious, most people forget that ultimately what you are trying to achieve in the first interview is an invitation to a second interview.  It is very rare that someone is offered a job after one interview.  Realizing this will help you stay present and minimize the risk of overwhelming the interviewer.  Remember that their decision to move you forward reflects upon them.
  2. A referral or lead – When done right, you can leave such an impression on your interviewers that they will want to see you succeed even if they can’t offer you the job you came in for.  This is a great opportunity that speaks volumes.  Imagine that an employer is so impressed with you that they go out of their way to help you.
  3. Improved Interview Skills – If you stay engaged in every interview, you will inevitably improve.  With every interview you will become more refined and ideally you will be perfectly prepared for the opportunity that suits you best.
  4. Company Insight – There are so many things you can learn from the interview to include realizing that landing the position may not be what’s in the best interest of you and the company.  Additionally, you can learn about future plans of the company, competitors that may have opportunities, or emerging markets that could prove beneficial.  

Remember that interviewing is part of a selection process.  How you view it will largely influence the outcome.  When you make the conscious decision to learn from the process and to be improved by it, you cannot lose and you will always have a measure of success.  This attitude alone will help you in attracting opportunities and gaining support for all of your efforts.


2 Responses to “Making Every Interview A Success (Part 2)”

  1. This article offers great perspective on the interview as it approaches it from the recruiter/employer side. Most sites only address this interview from the job seeker’s end…

    …and I think that by consensus there is the feeling that the recruiter/employers don’t realize that they were once in the shoes of the job seeker! The recruiter/employer is often viewed as partaking in the interview solely to have a further conversation with a colleague about what errors or mistakes were made by their interviewee.

    Well put in this article.

    • We appreciate your comments. Our goal in this blog is to give a big picture view of the interview and selection process and the factors that contribute to a successful matching of employer and employee.

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