An Across The Table Point Of View

Welcome to the JCSI Candidate Blog!

We started this blog so that our candidates and others on the job market can have a place to share their view points on the recruiting world.  At JCSI we know that every candidate puts a lot into their job search and with the job market challenges of today it’s comforting to know that someone is listening. 

Everyday we talk to companies looking for people that can provide solutions to their challenges. Likewise we speak to candidates with a lot of talent, expertise, and experience that are just looking for an opportunity to show what they can do.  As recruitment professionals, our jobs are to find the right people and  facilitate the dialogues that will ideally lead to mutually beneficial working relationships.

That being understood, this blog has the ambitious intention of bringing our candidates and clients closer through the sharing of insights that will help each party better communicate what they are looking for in their engagements.  So we encourage you to share your experiences.  Let us know what you have learned from your job search.  Ask questions about what it’s like on the other side of the interview table.  Express yourself because we’re listening.


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